As is the importance of the detailed work we do across all disciplines, we took the opportunity to employ the services of an expert proof reader to ensure that the reports and day to day planning work that we submit and carry out is to the very highest standard and that it can be interpreted appropriately by any of the professionals involved.

We also have case co-ordinators for both our Occupational Therapy and Case Management clients. This is so our clients, families and their professionals can all have the guarantee that they are always able to speak to somebody if they need too. Our Clinicians are often out of the office or unavailable and we recognise that it can be frustrating if an email is not replied too, or the phone isn’t answered - so we fixed that!

Nick is a retired TV editor and producer. Here’s what he says about his role with us:

"The reports we compile and write are very detailed and highly informative. They need to be 100% accurate but, equally importantly, they have to be understandable and unambiguous. Any misunderstanding could lead to a financial loss for the patient involved or even more seriously, a deviation in their care plan resulting in mistreatment.

I was a professional journalist, was a senior member of the ITV News team for more than 30 years. It was my job as an editor to check every word written by journalists working on the programmes I was involved with. One mistake could have cost the company millions of pounds in libel payments or contempt of court costs. I take accuracy and concise writing VERY seriously.

I believe that my extensive experience in detailed and valuable documents has allowed me to offer LMOTCM a service that ensures every piece of work we do is the very best it can be.”